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HOTEL CHICALA SAS, undertakes to carry out a management system for environmental, sociocultural and economic sustainability, developing the mission in our quality processes by adopting commitments aimed at preventing, eliminating, or reducing the environmental impact of our activities , implement the necessary tools to optimize behavior with the conditions of the development of Sustainable Tourism.
We promote our staff with instructive and awareness-raising actions on the principles of sustainable tourism, carrying out good environmental practices, and supporting social and cultural programs such as: Saving and efficient use of water and energy, using resources rationally, minimizing the consumption of water, paper and energy; reducing the generation of waste, emissions; and favoring recycling with eco-efficient solutions.
We are a company belonging to the hospitality industry with the main objective of perfecting sustainable management and delivering quality services to satisfy our customers, for this we contribute in the conservation of heritage, tourist quality, the community, good environmental practices between our suppliers and compliance with legal requirements.
We stimulate the development of our human talent also guaranteeing; the rejection of commercial sexual exploitation of children and adolescents, identifying points for improvement and working on efficient solutions adapted to each of our beliefs, values ​​and customs that characterize the identified social environment to which the organization belongs,

We are an oasis in the heart of Neiva!

1. Receive and put into practice the guidelines reported by the Hotel related to Sustainability.

2. Obedience for the culture, beliefs, traditions and habits of the people of the region.

3. Respect and abide by the recommendations on the natural and cultural heritage of the destinations promoted by the Hotel.

4. Be aware of and put into practice the legal requirements reported by the Hotel regarding CSEC, Natural Heritage and Cultural Heritage.

5. Comply with the Hotel guidelines, related to the provision of services and the preservation of flora and fauna.

6. Provide suggestions to the Hotel for the strengthening of Sustainability programs and respect for the Hotel’s social spaces.

7. Compliance with the tranquility of other guests and clients, and their proper use of the Hotel facilities.

8. Be informed of our commitments to care for the environment.

9. Participate in the implementation of the standard making proper use of natural resources and contribute to an adequate separation of solid waste in the room and in the places of recreation where they are.

In accordance with the provisions of Law 679 of August 03, 2001, all persons must prevent, block, combat and report exploitation, accommodation, use of publication, dissemination of images, texts, documents, audiovisual files, improper use of networks global information, or the establishment of telematic links of any kind related to pornographic or allusive material or sexual activities of minors. failure to comply with the foregoing could generate criminal and administrative liability.

Hotel Chicala S.A.S, is committed to the prevention of exploitation and sexual abuse of minors associated with tourism, therefore we develop the following prevention activities:

• In case of evidence within the Accommodation Establishment case of Commercial Sexual Exploitation of Boys, Girls and Adolescents ESCNNA; The HOTEL CHICALÁ S.A.S. Activate the alarms will give notice to report to the tourist police line 3203038176 – 146 or the national line of the ICBF 01 8000 112 440 – 141.

The property and management of the Chicalá hotel is actively committed to sustainability and has incorporated into its daily work measures aimed at minimizing the environmental impact of its economic activity and making responsible use of natural and energy resources:

As far as possible, we favor the purchase of products made or produced in our Opita culture. With regard to food products, weekly we offer our clients a Regional Buffet in which you will find products that are native to the region.

As a general rule, we promote the hiring of Huilense personnel and, if possible, residents in our municipality of Neiva since this generates an advantage for the company that benefits, gives greater flexibility of schedules and also for the employee who invests less time and money on trips.

We scrupulously respect labor regulations and assume a code of good practices in our labor relations:

- Rejection of any type of harassment at work

- Rejection of any discrimination based on sex, race or nationality

- Respect for the dignity of people in the workplace

- Recognition of individual merit and reward for a job well done.

- Enhancement of a pleasant work environment.

Hotel Chicala is committed to the protection of children and adolescents from commercial sexual exploitation.
Applicable Current Law Art, 16 and 17 of Law 679 of 2001, which warns about the legal consequences.
Hotel Chicala rejects the sexual exploitation of girls, boys and adolescents and is committed to the prevention and denunciation inside and outside the establishment, in the same way, it manifests that any practice or participation in CSEC is the cause of criminal sanctions up to 32 years jail.
Law 679 of 2001, Law 1336 and 1329 of 2009.
The Chicala hotel has included in the sustainability policy the commitment against the commercial sexual exploitation of children and adolescents (ESCNNA)

We have set as a priority objective the elimination of all materials that have a high polluting power from our work processes and the separation of all waste that can be recycled, encouraging our clients to collaborate to this end.
We have internal clean points for the collection of recyclable products such as plastics, paper and glass and highly polluting waste such as batteries.
We also try that our suppliers contribute to this objective by reducing their contribution of waste as much as possible.